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Monday Mission

If you work a regular job, Monday’s are a start of a new week for you.  I like to think as Monday’s as a continuation of the weekend.  Have you ever had a case of the Mondays? A term from the movie The Office.  A classic 90s flick you must see to appreciate the life of an office place.  However things are changing in the workplace and so should you.  Think of Monday’s as the new Friday and you will be just as excited to go to work as if it’s heading into the weekend!

Happy Monday!

Toast Incident

It’s funny how individuals may interpret situations differently.  Part of communicating is to help us better understand each other without making the wrong assumption.

Take this morning for example.  I call it the toast incident.  Very silly indeed.  Toast is all ready to go straight out of the oven. Onto a plate and onto the table.  Butter, jam and knives on the table.  Now everyone can sit and eat the toast as they wish.

However, trying to do something nice and perhaps save everyone time at the table, the toast goes back to the kitchen to be prepared with butter and jam.  Then placed back on the table for everyone to enjoy.

Now you can interpret this as – what the heck am I talking about or wait I get it.  There are two situations here.  The first being the toast is at the table all ready to go.  However it was self serve.  The second being – serving the toast prepared so we can eat right away. A nice gesture for the guests at the table.

One other variable to note is that the two scenarios were led by different individuals and both interpreted the situations differently.

The first individual thought that time was of the essence so by placing the toast, butter and jam on the table will save everyone time.  People can sit and prepare their own toast as they see fit.  The second individual thought that by preparing the toast for the table would be a kind gesture but also perhaps time saving as well.  Maybe the fact that the butter and jam can go back into the fridge immediately.

Any ways, why write about this incident? It’s for you to decide and interpret how you wish.

My point is, until the individuals communicated their reasoning and thoughts behind their actions there will always be a misinterpretation of the actions.

So the moral of the story? Just eat your damn toast and enjoy and don’t over think things.  Life is too short to make toast complex!

Have a simple day! ??

October Opportunies

Do you wait for opportunities to come knocking or do you seek them out? I don’t believe opportunities just happen out of the blue.  Opportunities come because of the work you have put in prior to those opportunities coming to you.  It may appear that opportunities just come out of no where.  However if you reflect on the events that led up to this opportunity you can start to see the relevance.  Reflecting on this then enables you to achieve other opportunities in the future much more quickly.  You can start to see the patterns or the activities and events that got you to where you are.  It can then be easily replicatedto achieve other similar goals and opportunities.  
What are you looking to achieve this October? The opportunities are there.  You just got to figure out how to get them.
Happy Opportunity Hunting!

Another Chapter

Today is my last day at Linklaters and the beginning of a new chapter in my career / life journey.  It’s been nearly 3.5 years since I began my new life in London and it has been one heck of a journey so far.  One that I could not have predicted not have imagined.  If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I will be today I think I had my mind set on living in the US, married with a kid.  So I suppose I am not that far off!  However, what I have learned is that you can’t really map out how you will get to those ultimate goals in your journey.  You just have to see the end and somehow get there.  There’s no straight path, no right way, no shortcut, no directions. You just have to figure it out along the way.  Life is exciting that way.  As many people have said time and again – take the road less travelled, opportunity doesn’t wait for you – go out and find it.  What else is in store for me 5 years from now? Well one thing is for sure I will be 41.  But what’s exciting is in that 5 years I can make it anything I want.  I want to write more about my profession, I want to have a side business, I want to help more people, I want to be contributing more to my family and the society.  Lofty goals? I’ll get there in no time!


Sundays used to be a day of recovery after a   rough weekend of partying.  Now it’s become a day of reflection on what I accomplished and what I still have to accomplish or want to accomplish.

Aiming to get an early start, I try to get up before 7am so I can do my 60/40/80 routine.  If I have time to I’ll try to meditate for 15-20 min.  If not I will use my time at church.

Church for me has been not just about praising our Lord.  But it’s been a time where I can focus on being mindful.  It’s very meditative for me.  And ever since becoming Catholic in April this year,  I’ve seen the personal benefits I have gained from the liturgical aspects of Catholicism.  It helps me focus on how simple it is to appreciate out God.  For me it doesn’t have to be about a complex sermon or deep dive into a certain verse or chapter.  It used to be and that’s great if that is what you want.  But where I am at now in my journey with God and my life, it’s a simple appreciation and understanding of my belief.

Sundays are a great time to reflect.  However we don’t have to wait until Sunday.

Have a blessed week!