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Another Chapter

Today is my last day at Linklaters and the beginning of a new chapter in my career / life journey.  It’s been nearly 3.5 years since I began my new life in London and it has been one heck of a journey so far.  One that I could not have predicted not have imagined.  If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I will be today I think I had my mind set on living in the US, married with a kid.  So I suppose I am not that far off!  However, what I have learned is that you can’t really map out how you will get to those ultimate goals in your journey.  You just have to see the end and somehow get there.  There’s no straight path, no right way, no shortcut, no directions. You just have to figure it out along the way.  Life is exciting that way.  As many people have said time and again – take the road less travelled, opportunity doesn’t wait for you – go out and find it.  What else is in store for me 5 years from now? Well one thing is for sure I will be 41.  But what’s exciting is in that 5 years I can make it anything I want.  I want to write more about my profession, I want to have a side business, I want to help more people, I want to be contributing more to my family and the society.  Lofty goals? I’ll get there in no time!

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