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Day at the zoo

Going to the zoo is always an interesting experience.  Especially now as an adult with a 3.5 year old.  It’s a lot more fun for the kids but I have to say it brings back the memories when I was a kid and went to the zoo with my parents.  Funny thing is, we change but the animals all seem to be the same.  Wonder what they think?

Taking the road less travelled

There’s this poem by Robert Frost called the road less travelled.  It’s an inspiring poem and one that should be read time and time again.  I actually need to read it now but the message remains the same.  Take a different path in life time and time again.  You may get used to certain ways things are done.  But if you don’t try a different path you may be missing out on what’s most important – the spontaneity and surprises of life that you are giving yourself.

A simple one.  The path you take to work is probably the same 5 times a week. So why not try a different path? Easy done.  Did that today and was amazing.  Something simple like that makes your day all that much better!