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Tip on Receiving Compliments

Now I’m not one for receiving compliments because:

1. I don’t really get them

2. When I do get them I feel weird (especially if you aren’t expecting it)

3. I don’t feel I need them to boost my self confidence or make me feel good about myself
However, I’ve learned over time and through some of my readings (can’t really remember where I’ve come across this before but I’m sure you can Google and find out more) that when receiving compliments just say THANK YOU VERY MUCH and that’s all!  Or give a reciprocal compliment (only if they’re deserving of one).

For example, if someone says “I like your sweater / jumper!” Don’t respond saying “Oh it’s my discounted jumper” or “This old thing?” Don’t be bashful.  Just say thanks.

Not sure why I do this but it just seems like in my nature to not fully accept compliments.  I do say thanks but always follow up with some sort of justifier. 

So just say thanks!

Equally, GIVE COMPLIMENTS! Of course only if you really mean it.  People like to hear it.  Just don’t over do it.

You all look great today! Have an AWESOME DAY!