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Okinawa, Japan – Day 1

Second time in Japan.  First time in Okinawa. 

Morning sun from the zen patio.

We arrived yesterday late afternoon at Naha airport.  Georgine rented a car.  Getting around Okinawa requires a car.  Without one you either take public transport (which would take forever getting around) or private hire (which was an idea I was keen on cause that’s how I roll now a days).  I couldn’t drive this time around because you need an international drivers license.  I may do some driving (obviously at a risk) but G can handle it.  She’s awesome.

We checked in to the Ritz Carlton Okinawa in Nago around 6ish.  Sun was setting quickly.  And Audrey was also setting quickly – like Cinderella’s curfew of midnight (though opposite) Audrey was slowly becoming more princesses as she became more tired.

We ate dinner at the hotel and had a lovely expensive dinner.  Guess that is expected when dining at the Ritz.

Courtesy of Audrey Young photography. Okinawa hot stone beef.