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Slow carb – Day 1

So I’m into trying out researched methods from individuals I think are credible and I believe in their approach and ethos.  Before I came upon Tim Ferriss’ book in 2008 while I was in London, I had always ‘experimented’ with different approaches to an extent.  Definitely not as thorough and dedicated as him but there were some similarities that I came across as I read his book – 4 Hour Work Week.

Fast forward to today, 2016 and 37 years old, I bought his next book The Four Hour Body.  I’ve listened to his podcasts regularly and he has always mentioned something about the slow carb diet but never investigated it myself.  In this book, he outlines the approach, method and tactics to this diet.  

Now I’m not trying to lose weight, as I’ve already lost a significant amount.  I discuss this in one of my blog posts.  What I’m trying to achieve is a reduction in body fat.

Just for the record, I’m not obsessed with the way I look.  However, I’ve always wanted to transform my body in ways I couldn’t think I could even at my age of 37 1/2.  Also, as a kid I’ve always been a bit chubby but managed to lose the weight in high school.  But that’s probably due to growth spurt and just the daily grind.

Anyways, with Georgine and Audrey away in Hong Kong for the next 6 weeks my plan is to try this slow carb approach.  Basically won’t be eating a grain of white rice until I get to Hong Kong!

So this weekend I started, and I want to document it here with short anecdotes and pictures.  

I’m also keeping track of this in my journal which once complete, I will document on this blog.  

It will be interesting to see the results in 6 weeks!

This was my dinner today:

1 x fillet steak grass fed cooked in 25g butter with garlic, red onions and mushrooms with a splash of port wine.

Half a can of Lentils warmed with a splash of Chohula hot sauce.

Brocolli steamed in a Joseph Jospeh microwave steamer (super easy)

Glass of Malbec