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Thirty Seven

Seems like a big number.  Can’t believe I am 37 years old today.  The funny thing is I don’t feel my age.  I feel like I’m still in my teens! Well maybe not that young but definitely don’t feel or act my age!

I suppose it’s because I’m probably in the best shape of my life.  At 73 Kilos / 160 lbs and with a lot slimmer figure (I can now wear size 30 waist pants!), i am pretty much back at my high school physique?

I am also blessed at 37 to have a lovely smart funny and beautiful wife and a very cute and endearing daughter.

Also to my family in the states – I am blessed to have my mother, father and sister who have been there for me throughout my life.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and support!

To many more healthy years ahead!!!!


Work smarter not harder.  This was told to me by your grandma (MaMa Young).  For some reason it always stuck.  A lot of other wisdom from not grandpa and grandma as well which I will share in time.

So what does this mean? Well early on in life like in you teens-early 30’s I want out to work hard.  harder than you think is hard enough.  Put in the hours and just know it will pay off.  Even if it’s mundane work you’ll learn how to do it quicker faster and more efficient.  Spend time learning shortcuts and finding shortcuts. 

Don’t recreate things (reinventing the wheel).  Make things better.  

When you get to my age you should be working less and making more.

Also do what you enjoy and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Balance your life the way you want.  You are in control.  And for those things you can’t control – let God guide you.

100 days of meditation

Everyone talks about meditation and the benefits of mindfulness.  What exactly is this and is it really that complex?  For me it’s been a time to reflect on yourself and be alone in the now.  What does that mean? Complete solitude.  What’s it like to be alone? Have you ever been alone? Can you be alone?

I first experience loneliness when I first moved out to London.  You would think that being amongst millions of people that it’s hard to be alone.  However, it’s not about being at work or being at a cafe or spending time in the museum.  It’s when you go home and it’s just you.

Are you comfortable? Are you at peace?

Some fill the void with music.  Some have the tv in the background.  Some talk on the phone with friends until they go to bed.  But it’s until you are truly alone and at peace that I believe you have reached a mindful state.  

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were to not physically be here tomorrow? Almost to a point that it freaks you out?! Well there’s no point to be scared of death. We all go at some point.  It just a matter of when where and how.  But why worry? Be in the now. 

I’m a Catholic and always believed that as a Christian we need hope.  And God, Jesus gives us that hope! But I do question the faith.  Not that I’m not a believer.  But it’s one way of reaching this state of mindfulness.  Praying is meditation. It’s just not framed as the meditation we know well today.  Praying the Rosary is meditation.

We are all doing it.  It’s just a matter of how we frame it.  

So my challenge to you is to meditate and really go for it!