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Toast Incident

It’s funny how individuals may interpret situations differently.  Part of communicating is to help us better understand each other without making the wrong assumption.

Take this morning for example.  I call it the toast incident.  Very silly indeed.  Toast is all ready to go straight out of the oven. Onto a plate and onto the table.  Butter, jam and knives on the table.  Now everyone can sit and eat the toast as they wish.

However, trying to do something nice and perhaps save everyone time at the table, the toast goes back to the kitchen to be prepared with butter and jam.  Then placed back on the table for everyone to enjoy.

Now you can interpret this as – what the heck am I talking about or wait I get it.  There are two situations here.  The first being the toast is at the table all ready to go.  However it was self serve.  The second being – serving the toast prepared so we can eat right away. A nice gesture for the guests at the table.

One other variable to note is that the two scenarios were led by different individuals and both interpreted the situations differently.

The first individual thought that time was of the essence so by placing the toast, butter and jam on the table will save everyone time.  People can sit and prepare their own toast as they see fit.  The second individual thought that by preparing the toast for the table would be a kind gesture but also perhaps time saving as well.  Maybe the fact that the butter and jam can go back into the fridge immediately.

Any ways, why write about this incident? It’s for you to decide and interpret how you wish.

My point is, until the individuals communicated their reasoning and thoughts behind their actions there will always be a misinterpretation of the actions.

So the moral of the story? Just eat your damn toast and enjoy and don’t over think things.  Life is too short to make toast complex!

Have a simple day! ??