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Rant: slow and texting walkers

If you are slow and texting while walking – please be cognisant of those that are trying to get to wherever they need to.  The world doesn’t revolve around you and whoever you are texting or emailing that is so important that you can’t wait until to find a suitable place to stop and text or email.  Don’t just do it for me.  Do it for your own safety!

It will only get worse.

However let’s be patient for those that just don’t know.  We need to coexist and unfortunately there will be people who are just ignorant.  That’s a fact and it won’t change anytime soon.

Fast Talker = Smart ?

I have an issue with fast talkers. Not that I can’t really follow them.  Well I can actually.  But I feel that they talk fast to give the impression they are smart.  Maybe the wrong interpretation.

I think I do sometimes talk fast, but usually when I’m nervous.  But realise that talking fast is only necessary when you are trying to quickly cover ground rather than just try to be that fast talker like on tv.

Slow down, be succinct, and relax.

This guy is full of himself.

Don’t be that guy or girl who pretends to be someone he is not.  Find your true self.  Might take a bit of time but keep working at it.  Don’t be flamboyant or over the top. Yet be different and standout.  Don’t need to be number one.  Though strive for it.  You are always number one in your own mind.  Continually work hard and adapt to your environments.  Don’t be selfish.  Don’t be arrogant.  Be kind. 
Don’t be this guy….


Watching this amazing documentary on music and Alzheimer’s.  Music is a necessary part of our lives.  It’s a language that everyone understands and they don’t really need much training other than opening your ears.  Equally if you can’t hear, you can feel the music beating through your body.  It’s an amazing thing.  Simple yet powerful way to engage your mind, body and soul.