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Sundays used to be a day of recovery after a   rough weekend of partying.  Now it’s become a day of reflection on what I accomplished and what I still have to accomplish or want to accomplish.

Aiming to get an early start, I try to get up before 7am so I can do my 60/40/80 routine.  If I have time to I’ll try to meditate for 15-20 min.  If not I will use my time at church.

Church for me has been not just about praising our Lord.  But it’s been a time where I can focus on being mindful.  It’s very meditative for me.  And ever since becoming Catholic in April this year,  I’ve seen the personal benefits I have gained from the liturgical aspects of Catholicism.  It helps me focus on how simple it is to appreciate out God.  For me it doesn’t have to be about a complex sermon or deep dive into a certain verse or chapter.  It used to be and that’s great if that is what you want.  But where I am at now in my journey with God and my life, it’s a simple appreciation and understanding of my belief.

Sundays are a great time to reflect.  However we don’t have to wait until Sunday.

Have a blessed week!

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