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Happy new year to all my friends! 

Wait who are my friends? Are they the 1,000 friends on Facebook. Or how about my 1.5m followers on Instagram. Also don’t forget my 2.6m followers in Twitter! 

Actually I have over time identified who my real friends are.  The ones that come and go and grow with you through time.  They can enter your life early on in primary school or they can enter your life after university.  No matter what the friends that stay with you are the ones you can grow with together and separately over time.

It all depends on your situation right? Where you happen to be in a certain time of your life.  But those friends you make throughout your life will stay strong as long as you grow individually and they grow individually and you both can share the experiences together.  

One last thought (for now), the effort you put in for friendship determines the quality of it.  Don’t waste your time if you feel your not getting much from it.  We’re all human we will get over it.

So to all my friends! You know who you are.  Love you and wish you all the best in 2016!!!!!

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