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My Last Meal Alone :)

Well I do have the meal on the plane but I thought I would treat myself to a high protein low carb meal. I’m sat in terminal 3 at a restaurant called Oriel.  I’ve been with the family before on one of our trips to HK.  
It’s interesting to observe travellers.  Everyone that is alone, like me, is either in their iPhone or reading a book or listening to music.  I suppose I would usually do the same (and probably will in a bit) but I prefer to observe, listen, and analyse.  What am I doing? Learning about people’s behaviours and how we interact with each other.
For example, the waitress is always smiling.  They should be! That’s basic.  It makes customers feel welcomed. They ask how my food is.  They ask if I want some dessert.  Basic and not over the top.  That to me is common courtesy. Even if you are not in the industry.
I think everyone should work in the service industry and deal with people.  You may have the knack for it but I think those that say they don’t will eventually learn.  Just being around these happy people will make you much happier.  Unless you have some degenerate condition that doesn’t allow you to be outside or interact with people.  On a whole, those people we work with at our office are all ‘normal’.  They deal with service people all the time when they shop.  So why don’t they learn anything?
So observe, listen and analyse.  I’m sure not too many people do this. Don’t be self absorbed. Learn what’s going on around you.
Oh by the way this is what I ate:

And I’m excited to see……

Almost there.

When you are just starting out on a journey, you plan out the path you will take as best you can.  However, along the way you will ever know what obstacles and challenges will get in the way.  As long as you keep the end goal in mind you will figure out a way to get over the hump.  

If you do feel stuck, just stop and take a break for a bit (not too long) to reconfigure your direction.  However keep the end in mind.  Take a deep breath and continue on the humour met.

If you get to the point where you feel you ‘just want to get this over with’ keep the momentum going by telling yourself you’ve gone this far already and that all you have left is nothing more difficult than when you started.  In fact, it should be easier.  Breath and keep at it.  Give it all you got….you’re almost there!