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New Year’s Eve 2016

Another year has flown by and we are all a year wiser! So what were your top ten achievements or highlights for 2015? Well let me have a go at mine in chronological order.

1. Started shedding weight towards the end of 2014 and achieved my initial targeted weight of 170 lbs before we went to Hong Kong in March.

2. I was baptised in April at my local parish in Richmond.  It was a wonderful day that I committed my life to Christ as a Roman Catholic.

3. Visited Scotland via road trip with my family in July.

4. Took my CIPS level 5 exams and as of this writing passed 4 out of the 5.  The last one I find out in January after I take the first exam of the final level.

5. Got a new job that gave me more flexibility in my work life balance and a 15% pay increase.

Okay so I am struggling with 10! I’m sure there are more but these are the ones I remember the most.

What is in store for 2016?

Good health and happiness are my goals.

Looking forward to it!

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