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Boxing Day

Never heard of this until I moved to the UK and now I get an extra day holiday to enjoy! Awesome!

What is it exactly? Well without looking it up in Wikipedia I’m guessing it has to do with the removal of all the boxes after Christmas Day – that is if you received a gift in a box.  These days you’re lucky if you even get a box! Maybe you’ll get an e-voucher which is perfect for those last minutes (oops I forgot to get something for my wife) or perhaps you just go shopping on Boxing Day to hit up all the sales that are going on.

So should we be buying Christmas gifts? Maybe to save money time and effort just do online shopping on Boxing Day or hit up one of the many sales going on the day of. That’s what we did.  I have to say buying your own gifts for Xmas is so much better than opening a box and being somewhat happy (mostly displeased, but grateful) of the gift that you received.  But alas there is always the gift receipt.  So what’s the point?

Let’s teach our kids that Boxing Day is the day they get to choose their gifts that are on sale only!

Happy shopping!

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