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Christmas Eve

Christmas for me is always a time of reflection of family.  I remember time spent with my dad, mom and sister.  We would spend the evening preparing for Santa to come and give us presents because we were sort of good all year.  Yes I believed in Santa but of course eventually found out the truth. 

Now as a parent, it’s a different experience all together.  Knowing what we know now do we go along with it for he sake of the kids or reveal the truth of this holiday.  Which is not about the gifts and Santa but about the birth of Christ and appreciating our loved ones.  It’s a tough one isn’t it?  Especially when your childhood may not have had a typical Christmas experience of family dinners, Santa visits, presents, etc.

What to do? Well my suggestion is to go along with what the kids want.  They’re kids only once and we’re adults only once.   Play along. Kids aren’t dumb.  And we’ll slip up and make a mistake (just like how I found out there was no Santa).

There is only the birth of Christ and the reason we even celebrate this special day.

Merry Christmas to all and to those that don’t celebrate Christmas – happy holidays and wish all the best for you and your family!


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