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Is the track that is supposed to lead you to your purpose in life always a straight one? Is it the correct one? Can you get off and change directions if you feel you almost reach your purpose? Can you change at a junction to go towards another purpose? What have you picked up along your journey and what have you dropped off?

It seems as though many of us have lost sight of what purpose we have in life.  And when we do lose sight of it we then try to find something that will make an impact.  Why do we feel we have to make such an impact in life? Is it the social media that drives us to become ‘famous’? What about becoming successful? What is success?

I’ll admit here that I am looking for that purpose everyday.  And it’s staring in front of me everyday.  But I sometimes lose sight of it because of the many distractions along the way.  Distractions like people’s perceptions, my job, my title, finances, my looks, being comparatively successful among my peers, etc.  My purpose in life isn’t to be rich or famous or even be like some of the people I admire that are famous for being philanthropists or great business minds.

My purpose is to love those that are around me and be the best husband, father, brother, son, uncle – that is, family man I can be.  I am blessed to have a wonderful family and one that I can come home to.  I know there are many of us in the world today that don’t have that family and are looking for that same purpose.  But the purpose is simple – it’s to love one another.  We are all in it together.  

As the Dalai Lama said – The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Are you happy? Tell somebody you love them and give them a big hug!

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