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Tim Ferriss

The subject says it all.  I don’t usually have man crush.  And note I am not gay (and I am not opposed to those that decide that is for them).  But Tim Ferris has done a fantastic job of guiding and teaching people like myself to live the life they want to.  Thank you Tim.
If you haven’t read any of Tim Ferriss’ books or listen to his awesome podacsts you should start now.

It’s not for everyone, but there is something for everyone.  Especially those that want to live life to its fullest,  he introduces you to people, authors, experts, etc that have an impact on him.  Whether or not they have an impact on you is really up to you!  

My own experience with Tin Ferriss’ knowledge and way of teaching has changed my life.  And I talk about it as much as I can with people I come acrosss that are looking for that next drive in life!
Tin Ferriss I can’t thank you enough.
Cheers mate!

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