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2017 Jan Almost Done

One week left in Jan….already.  Every year is the same.  The holidays come and go and we all experience the same thing.  We set New Years resoutions, goals, what have you and then we get to the 3rd or 4th week of the year and….we fall back into the same routine.  Or do we?  It’s not easy especially when you set some really lofty goals.  I say it’s okay to slip but just keep on track as best you can.  Whether that be an accountability partner to slap you in the face when you get off track or simply keeping a diary.  I keep several diaries which is a really bad habit as I lose track of where I write what.  But at least I am documenting it somewhere.  It’s just a matter of organising it and reflecting back periodically.

Therefore I like this blog format cause it’s easy (I do it from my phone) and I can post pics and it auto corrects.

So today I’d like to post my lunch for the past few weeks.  It’s brilliant (well to me at least).  Simple, quick and most of all affordable and super healthy!

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