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Hong Kong – Day 3

Arrived in Hong Kong Thursday afternoon and saw Georgine for the first time in person since 6 weeks ago.  It was like the first time we saw each other and it was really good to see her.  She looked absolutely as beautiful as she always has and when the first time I saw her more than 6 years ago.  We had a juice at the airport beforesetting off to pick up JJ.  I was getting really excited to see my little JJ.
JJ was at her afternoon art class and Kids101 nearby Por Por flat just down the road on Bonham.  We had arrived there a few minutes before class finished to surprise her.  As the kids were coming up to greet their helpers, JJ appeared and went straight to Georgine.  But then she saw me and had to stop and look twice. It must have been my glasses

But then she shyly came over and gave me the most sweetest and biggest hug a dad could have ever wanted! I picked her up and squeezed her back and her cute beautiful genuine smile lit me up and I was so happy to be back together with the family.  Togetherness.  This is what family is about.  Appreciate the time together cause we may not always be together all the time.  That’s just life.  But when it most counts is when your children are little and growing up so fast.

The first night we had dinner with the family and so I was blessed to see my mom who had stayed a few more days in HK to overlap to see me and JJ.  My mom had been travelling Asia with a few friends and then went to HK to stay with my Uncle David and Auntie Amelia.  Auntie Mary arrived a week before and she and my mom went to Southern China for a few days.  It’s always good to see my mom and spend time with her abroad.  It definitely broadens our relationship as well as our experiences together.  It’s also good to see the extended family get together and spend time to learn more about each other.  

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