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Accomplishments – 2 weeks

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve posted to my blog.  It’s amazing when you look back at the 2 weeks, how much you’ve done or not done, accomplished or not accomplished.  Sometimes you feel you are starting over from square 1.  But you can’t look at it that way.  Yes momentum has slowed a bit and you may be coming out of a slump.  But the way I look at it, it’s a time to reflect what’s been done, learn from it, and move to the next phase.  It might be 2 steps forward one step back.  Then 4 steps forward then one step back.  And then soon, it’ll be all forward from then on!

So in the last 2 weeks since my last post on Business Strategy, I’ve managed to:

1) Impress the COO and Head of UK Operations at the #2 UK law firm in the magic circle (#4 worldwide based on revenues).

2) Get an employment offer to be supply and procurement manager at the UK law firm

3) Spend money I don’t really have (okay it was Valentine’s day and I had accepted the job and wanted to treat my wife to a wonderful weekend out! – wouldn’t recommend to spend money before you have it, but I was just really happpy)

4) Try a fantastic Michelin rated restaurant called the Bingham (I think my second in my life.  The first being Tru in Chicago – though not sure if its Michelin rated.  I’ll have to look that up)

5) Establish a great recruiting contact at Huxley Associates (who helped me get the role at the UK law firm)

6) Finish one of my 7 books on self improvement.  Start on 3 of the books.  Reading books is somewhat challenging for me, as I have a short attention span. so finishing a book is like a MAJOR accomplishment for me.

7) Tell my wife I love her (but that’s everyday!)

8) Catch up with a good friend from Chicago and his future wife.  Someone that I believe is a good person to have in my life where we can help each other become better individuals.  He’s a prime example of someone with less experience (not that much less) that I respect and can take advice / criticism from without feeling negative.

9) Watch a movie – The Descendants (w/ my wife, friend, and friend’s fiancee).  Great story.

10) Ran twice.  A good start.  Got sick so had to stop. (just an excuse – but I really did have a cough…still do)

Amazing what one can achieve in 2 weeks.  I’m sure I could have accomplished a lot more, but the nice thing is I can see some very positive outcomes in the last 2 weeks.

Sometimes you just have to keep a log of your activities.  We all forget what we’ve achieved and accomplished and the time it takes.  Great time to reflect is at the end of every week.

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