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Part 1 – Wedding Planning Business

When you think of planning your own wedding, do you really think you are able to do it on your own?  Are you really capable of managing multiple vendors?  Organising and prioritising all the various tasks that need to be completed?  Do you really know the appropriate timeline to achieve the wedding you dream of?  Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming responsibility, so why not let someone help you in the process so that you can enjoy the fun parts of the wedding – picking flowers, selecting your dress, choosing colours, etc.


Depending on the timeframe you have between the time you said ‘Yes’ and the date of the wedding, your wedding planner will help put together a timeline of what needs to get done and when it needs to be completed, so that on the day of your wedding, EVERYTHING will be all set to go without any issues.   Here’s an example of a wedding that will be in a year’s time.

Phase I – Month 1

  • Develop guest list (this can be done before or after selecting the venue)
  • Select venue/location (this will determine the timing of everything else)
  • Create ‘Save the Date’ email/invitation (this needs to get out in the first month to allow your guests plenty of time to plan travel, hotels, etc.)
  • Discuss theme of wedding (depending on your venue/location this might dictate or help you with the theme of the wedding)
  • Develop a website, RSVP email address (not required, but a nice to have)

Phase II – Month 2 – 6

  • Determine invitation design
  • Select flower vendor and determine flower requirements
  • Select bridal dress and shoes
  • Select hair and makeup stylist
  • Select bridesmaid dress style and colour
  • Select videographer
  • Select transportation
  • Plan tea ceremony
  • Plan hair combing ceremony
  • Other


Phase III – Final Preparation

  • Develop wedding day schedule
  • Coordinate logistics with various vendors
  • Develop photography and videographer schedule
  • Purchase miscellaneous wedding day items (e.g., gift box, sign-in book, etc.)
  • Schedule wedding rehearsal
  • Other


Phase IV – Wedding Day

  • Ensure flowers are delivered
  • Ensure photographer and videographer are on schedule
  • Ensure transportation is on schedule
  • Other
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