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Part 3 – Saving Money and Reducing Costs

Do you really need that cup of coffee from Starbucks every morning? How about that sandwich from Pret? Or that burrito from Chilango?  I know that you’re a baller and can afford not to bring your own lunch for the rest of your life.  You might also think it’s a bit anti-social and uncool to bring your lunch.  But do the math and you’ll see that you can save yourself about £4k annually (assuming you spend about £15 a day and work 5 days a week for a full year).  But even if you do this half the year, you can still save yourself £2k annually.  That’s a nice amount you can invest in the next year and make it work for you.  Or you can buy your g/f or wife something nice.  But think about it.  Even if you make a ton of money and I’m talking 6 plus figures, you can benefit from this.


I know that it’s convenient, but just think after 1,2,3 years you’ll have extra money in your pocket and that’s by just bringing your lunch.  Now that was pretty easy, huh?


But I’m sure you’re all wondering, well what am I going to eat then?  Honestly, if  you’re a high powered banker, consultant, doctor, lawyer, or whatever, I’m sure you are able to make a sandwich that Pret makes for you.  Now I’m not saying you can’t enjoy Pret or Chilango once in awhile, but think of the extra cash you’ll have.  You never know until you try it.


Another non-monetary benefit to this is that you’ll eat healthier, be healthier, and learn to take care of yourself!  Plus you’ll have the extra cash in your pocket that your colleagues who eat out everyday won’t have.


With rising costs in transportation and pretty much everything else you need, you can always control your eating habits.


Happy eating.


Cheers, Jeff

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