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Korean in Zurich

Some might say I am Korean (not the Koreans though) but I love to eat Korean foods probably as much as I like my own origin, Shanghainese food! Well I’m not really that specific, but love all Chinese food.

There is something about eating your origin or ‘ethnic’ food in another country.  I’m sure it’s as authentic as you can get but what’s more interesting is to know how that type of food got there in the first place.  The next is then to understand why they need to modify it for the locale.  They should just keep it real.

Examples of this are Chicago style pizza in London.  Don’t try it.  Just get it in Chicago.  But is this American really? Or just a take on Italian pizza crossed with English style savoury pies?

How about hot dogs? I think bratwurst.

Well I digres as usual and now to eat Korean in Zurich!
More to come!

Zurich Zoo

Today we saw the March of the Penguins at Zurich zoo.  Audrey was within a handshake of her best friends and also about the same height!

For her, I imagine that she was a bit shocked to see them live and right in front of her! She was a bit scared or at least apprehensive to approach them or say hello.  

I wonder what the Penguins were thinking? Time for the show…just walk one way and walk around and then I get fish. Easy job.  Hmmm sounds a bit like some of us when we are work.  Just do what the boss says and I’ll get paid.

Wonder if penguins ever think about one day telling their employer that one day they’ll run the zoo and tell them to walk around so they can get their fish.

I digress.

Have a good evening. Now time for shopping at Mossimo Dutti.

Hiltl – Zurich

Day 2 in Zurich we came across a vegetarian restaurant called Hiltl located Sihlstrasse 28, 8001 Z├╝rich, Switzerland.  I have to say that I’ve eaten rarely at a vegetarian buffet.  However, it was probably the best buffet that I’ve eaten!

Eating no red or white meat was not bad and actually felt ‘healthier’.  A bit gassy given the beans!

Highly recommend trying it and perhaps even going without meat for awhile!

Happy eating. Love life and eat well!


Georgine booked us a trip to Zurich about 6 months ago.  How time flies! We arrived early afternoon in Zurich.  Woke up at 445am to get ready. Audrey was also up early but was a trooper and lasted all the way until we got into the taxi to our hotel in Zurich.

She thoroughly enjoyed her airplane trip.

Planning out time in Zurich.

Christmas market.

Audrey took this photo with my iPhone 6!

Audrey taking a selfie.

Swiss burgers.

What we ate.

So far so good in Zurich.  Tomorrow is another day of exploration!

Life is about exploring, learning and immersing yourself in local life.


Been listening to some lectures on leadership.  I thought I would take the word and create a pneumonic for the word to explain how I think of LEADERSHIP.

Loyalty – this is to your people, team, organisation, purpose.

Ethical – do unto others what you would want others to do unto you. Do what is right.

Attitude – your attitude will be reflected in the work you do.

Direction – know where you want head. Have goals.  Your team will follow.

Energy – contagious. If you display this others will feel it.

Risk – what are you afraid of?

Selflessness – we are all in it together.

Helpful – get into the details.  We all were at one point doing the work that you are leading.

Integrity – be honest not only with people but also yourself.

Positive – smile.