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Breathing and Meditation

The first thing you should do in the morning is breathe and meditate.  Doesn’t have to be very long.  Maybe start out with 10-20 deep and focussed breaths.  Then move on to one to two minutes.  Then keep increasing the time as you practice more and more.

I have to say that having started doing yoga, breathing techniques and meditation my body especially my mind feels refreshed and clear.  I’m able to take on the days task with calm and composure.

Also I’ve been using this app called Calm.  Love it.  There are other apps out there but this is one that I’ve used to track my meditation practice.  Also has nice quotes at the end of each session.  Like this one:

Courtesy of Calm app. A quote at the end of your meditation session.


I’ve always enjoyed running but never made it a competitive sport of mine.  Until recently, 38 years of age, I’ve decided to try an improve on my 5K time.  I ran last year in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in 2016 and ran the 5.6K under 30 min.  And this was not even trying.  This year I hope to improve on that time.

I think taking this PB concept to everything you do can be a good approach to understand exactly how lon it takes you to do something and how you can improve on increasing your efficiency.  I don’t think it’s often that we time ourselves to the exact second how long it takes is to get to work, or how long it took me to write that email, or review a 20 page document.  Perhaps if we start to do this more we would stop saying that we are busy and say I can make time.

Here’s my current PB for getting to work and going to the gym during my lunch break.

My PB from Waterloo station to the office.

My PB from desk to gym and back.

Try it out on any task you do!

Okinawa, Japan – Day 1

Second time in Japan.  First time in Okinawa. 

Morning sun from the zen patio.

We arrived yesterday late afternoon at Naha airport.  Georgine rented a car.  Getting around Okinawa requires a car.  Without one you either take public transport (which would take forever getting around) or private hire (which was an idea I was keen on cause that’s how I roll now a days).  I couldn’t drive this time around because you need an international drivers license.  I may do some driving (obviously at a risk) but G can handle it.  She’s awesome.

We checked in to the Ritz Carlton Okinawa in Nago around 6ish.  Sun was setting quickly.  And Audrey was also setting quickly – like Cinderella’s curfew of midnight (though opposite) Audrey was slowly becoming more princesses as she became more tired.

We ate dinner at the hotel and had a lovely expensive dinner.  Guess that is expected when dining at the Ritz.

Courtesy of Audrey Young photography. Okinawa hot stone beef.


Do you live for the weekend? I certainly do at the moment, but am trying to change my mindset and look forward to Mondays, maybe even Tuesdays.

This idea that we have to work Monday-Friday 9-5 is something of an odd things in today’s age where we are now able to conduct business remotely from pretty much anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet or have 4G or LTE connection.  
Honestly I hate going into the office.  Especially when I waste about 2 hours of my day commuting.  I know that most people have a long commute here in London and will utilise that time to work, read, sleep, listen to music, etc.  I’ve used the time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. However, when I plan to work from home I’m literally getting more done from 5am-8am then I do in an 8-5 day. I’m more focussed and get stuff done.  No distractions from colleagues and phone calls.

But there is some benefit to the standard business hours and coming to an office which is the accessibility to your team members, the potential motivation by being around others, the social element, etc.

I visited the We Work office yesterday where a friend just set up shop for his hedge fund business.  It’s a great environment with lots of motivated people.  A place I would consider setting up shop when that happens.  But I also don’t mind working from home which is much cheaper.  Though the added value of an office space is about the networking, the mind set of working due to the environment, etc.

So bottom line what’s my point here? Don’t live for the weekend.  Find a job or role that allows you to be flexible in what you do.  But deliver your work as you would if you were working regular business hours.

Let’s get the weekend started!!