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It’s the birthday of my dad today.  The man who met my beautiful mom and brought two delightful children into this world.  We celebrate the fact that he was a man of integrity, hard working, honest, strong willed, loving and caring, humble…I can go on of all the good characteristics of him.  But he wasn’t perfect…but nobody is.  I’m not perfect but what people will remember of me are the positive qualities.

So why don’t we appreciate the positive qualities of people when we are all here together in this life, rather than focus on all the negative qualities? Do we have to wait until we are not together to appreciate those positive qualities?

Thanks Dad for giving me all that you have!  Your legacy will be here for generations to come!




Remember not to take life so seriously.  Even if you are in a position of power, remember that we are only human and we can only perform to the best of our abilities.  You are where you are in life because you achieved it on your own.  Nobody has the right to put you down.  Don’t take things personally.  Let it go. Everything will be all right!

Tomorrow is another day to take on the world!

Remember what it was like when you were two! Carefree and happy!