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Long Game vs Short Game

The older I get the more I am seeing that we should not lose focus of the long game. However we still need to perfect our short game in order to get the best results in the long game.

Now I don’t play golf (well) and I’m using this terminology because it’s pretty common.  But it resonates with everyone that is working towards a long career at something.  

What is your long term goal? Mine keeps changing but I think ultimately its finding happiness and the balance between family (first and foremost) and an exciting career / work / passion.  But do you need to sacrifice the first in order to achieve the second?  That has been my ultimate challenge and one that I want to one day prove that is possible.  Perhaps I am living it now.  But I just don’t realise it.

Is that what achieving your goals feel like? That you actually haven’t achieved it and that they keep changing?  Like the saying goes, we keep changing the goal posts.  Perhaps it’s in our nature not to stick to the oath to reach an ultimate goal.  We get there then realise that there is a better goal to achieve.  
It’s like revenue for a company.  You set a target you achieve it early and then you keep raising the bar.  Simple.  It’s because it quantitative and very objective.  Happiness is not quantitative and very subjective.  
So if your like me, you’ll never achieve your goals.  
But you must look back at the short game and assess how you got to where your at in order to ultimately reach your long game. 

We will know once we reach out long game.  God will let us know. Or for those that are not spiritual.  You will just know.

Game on.


What exactly is work? When people ask you what do you do why do we feel an urge to have to explain to them something that is of some worth to them – or so you think?  Do they really care?

When I’m asked that question it used to be answered with some thought behind it to ensure that whoever asked it knew that I was of importance.  Well really? Am I important?  Perhaps now my most important job is being a good husband and father.  So how do I respond now?  I tell people I am a thinker and a doer.  Well not really but perhaps I should start saying that.  
Any work you do you have to think and do. Am I making sense?
Think about it and go do something productive.
Jeff Young – Senior Thinker and Doer